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Mike Davidson:

Today, the creation I am most proud to have brought into the world disappeared from the internet.

It is easy for people to say "well, this is why you don’t sell your company!" but people make the decision they think is best at the time. Some do get rich and yet regret selling. Some sell because they have to or they have far too much pressure from shareholders.

I too have a few things I’m most proud of that no longer exist. That I wish, daily, they did exist. But they don’t. Because we made a decision.

Seeing something you love die sucks.

At least Mike has a positive outlook on it:

After 800,000 articles, 65 million comments, 11+ years, thousands of new friendships, and at least one marriage and child from the site that I’m aware of, I’m confident it has fulfilled its mission for at least some who roamed its jungles.

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