Claim Chowder: The Talk Show live at WWDC 2017 video

John Gruber:

This year we are not going to attempt to stream live video. Instead we’re going to work hard to get edited video of the event up on the web as soon as possible after the show is over. If you just can’t wait, listen to the live audio. If you want to see the show, wait for the video — it should be up some time on Wednesday at the latest.

It is Thursday John! 🙂

I’m just having fun with John, of course. For those that aren’t longtime readers of Daring Fireball you can catch his claim chowder throughout the years. I know how hard it is to turn around a quality video in that amount of time. I’m just being impatient because I want to see John interview Schiller and Hair Force One.

Update: It is out now! And it is excellent.

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