Pete Ventura on Scranton

Pete Ventura, friend and owner of Coney Island Lunch on Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton:

All of the years I’ve been here, and I’m 62 years old, I can’t stand it when people put Scranton or this area down. I won’t get mad at them, but I’ll tell them about all of the good things. I’ll say, “We might have had some trying times here and there, but it’s not like what you’re saying.” That’s my pet peeve. Don’t badmouth Scranton if you’re going to talk to me, because it’s been good to me.

Totally and 100% agree with Pete here. Also, each perceived "negative" that may be aligned against Scranton can also be thought of as a positive. Buildings are readily available and inexpensive, marketing to the entire region is inexpensive (get in touch), and being a big fish in a small pond is possible.

Be sure to stop by Pete’s place, shake his hand, and eat as many Texas wieners as you can afford.

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