The exciting digital marketing landscape

Jack Reager of BlackOut Design, regarding the marketing panel we both took part in:

While we all share some similarities in terms of our background and types of organizations we’ve been a part of, what was most interesting to me was how we all use our knowledge not only to aid our clients, but at one point or another, to also help our own entrepreneurial endeavors. This is especially of note when it comes to the topic of digital marketing. While we look for solutions uniquely positioned for each of our clients, we all work daily to market our own businesses online too. In short we aren’t only working with the tools and techniques for our clients we are also leveraging them for our own organization’s goals.

I like Jack’s point here. The intimate knowledge a marketing firm must have to serve both their client’s unique interests and their own is manifold. And, it is a constantly moving target. Every single week there is a brand-new release of each of the front-running platform’s apps which add new features and capabilities. One incredible example of this is that Facebook’s Messenger app just passed version 100 this week.

It is an incredible time to be a marketer. Not only are small businesses getting far more reach for their money than ever before, they can also laser focus that reach and measure exactly where that spend is going with fine detail. To top it off, this capability also keeps the marketing firms honest and working really hard to squeeze every bit of return on their client’s investment. It is, quite literally, the very best time to spend money on marketing.

I’m so looking forward to this next decade.

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