Keeping houseplants alive

I’ve killed far more houseplants than I can count. And I regret every one too because I love having houseplants. Real ones. Plants with character. A variety. And, for whatever reason (mostly laziness), I’ve killed off a ton of them over the years.

But recently I’ve been doing a much better job at keeping them alive.


What’s changed? I’ve put a reminder in my phone to water and care (fertilize if needed, trim if needed, shore up if needed, give sunlight if needed) for all of the houseplants on a certain day each week. And the plants are thriving as a result.

This time of year that is all the care they really require. In the heat of summer they may need some attention twice per week and so I’ll make the adjustment then.

My plants are doing well enough now that I’m thinking of getting a few more, fully confident that I’m finished my plant murdering ways.

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