A photo adventure in Callicoon, NY

Two friends (Matt, Ben) and I have been trying to plan an afternoon just to go out, explore, and shoot photos. Finally we were able to on Saturday afternoon.

Ben Wagner, Matt Robison, Colin Devroe at Callicoon Brewing Company

Left: Ben, me, Matt at Callicoon Brewing Company.

We chose Callicoon on a whim but I’m glad we did. The weather was perfect to get out and walk around the small town and along the Delaware river. We managed to get shots of a few of the local buildings and shops, do some random SnapChatting, and see a few bridges.

Getting a shot of the Job Corp. ended up causing a bit of a kerfuffle. We sort of knew we shouldn’t have been on the property but we didn’t think that within 30-seconds of stepping foot onto it that we’d be getting our IDs checked and escorted off the premises. Overall the security personnel was nice enough to know we were just out to get a shot of their incredible building.

Oh, I also attempted to get to a rock in the middle of the Delaware but was quickly up to my neck and chickened out. The Delaware is a bit nippy in March.

Overall I’m really happy with the outing and glad with a few of the shots I managed to capture. I’ll be sharing them as I have a chance to process them.

We’ll be getting together again in a month for another adventure.

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