App wishes

I saw that Bijan Sabet wrote a short post enumerating a few things he’d like to see in some of the applications that he uses. I thought that was cool so I’m doing to do it too.

  • git, the command-line source control tool that I use, has every conceivable feature you could imagine. Except undo. While I can undo anything I do (that is sort of the point of git), I have to know a million commands in order to do so. Imagine if ‘git undo’ simply undid the previous action?
  • It’d be nice if Code, the text-editor from Microsoft that I use daily, had autocomplete for WordPress built-in.
  • I think it’d be useful to be able to choose the font in Simplenote for Mac.
  • It’d be nice to be able to log into and log out of any Google product without clicking 36 times.
  • Picturelife has no way to download all of the ~70,000 photos I’ve uploaded to it. And somehow I didn’t notice this until I had already invested so much time and money into it. So, it’d be nice if they added that feature.
  • I’d like it if iTerm 1. had a way to close tabs with my mouse and 2. rename the tabs (rather than them all saying “bash”).
  • I would like Feedly to remove the feature where it decides to embed photos or videos when the item links to it.

Of course there are others but these were top of mind.