An interview with James Gurney

I had the privilege of interviewing James Gurney, creator of the illustrated book series Dinotopia, over on my other “blog” The Watercolor Gallery.

Gurney also runs a daily blog called The Gurney Journey. During our interview I asked him about his experience with running the blog:

Doing a blog is a lot of work, and it doesn’t pay directly. The bottom-line benefits are hard to quantify. Does it lead to jobs or to recognition? Perhaps, but that’s not why you do it.. Potential employers or collectors will scan your entire Web presence to get a feeling for you and your work. I suppose blogging is a form of marketing, but I don’t think of it that way very often. The truth is paradoxical: You give stuff away so that you can sell it later.

His interview, and all of the others I’ve done so far, are worth a read.