I don’t know if I “Like” your tweet yet

Twitter is pulling a switcharoo on Favorites and is now calling them Likes and using a heart icon rather than a star icon.

People went a little nuts about this for a variety of reasons but I’m writing this post to point to when/if people ask me why I liked, or didn’t like, a particular tweet.

Like John Gruber I favorite tweets for a few reasons. This one button provided me several uses. First, I may hit favorite if I enjoy, appreciate, or respect the tweet. Like a thumbs up. Second, I favorite a tweet that has a link if I’d like to read it later since it automatically gets added to my Unmark queue.

So, chances are… if your tweet has a link in it and you see me “Like” it — I don’t know if I like your tweet yet. Because I haven’t read what you linked to.

I don’t know if this is a good move, a bad move, or even why Twitter made this adjustment but at least people are talking about Twitter? Who knows.