Bradley Chambers leaves Evernote

Bradley Chambers:

As of 10/18/15, I’ve completely left Evernote. What started out as a simple “delete notes that are not longer needed” project, ended with me completely exporting everything out. Evernote hasn’t added a feature in a long time that I cared about.

Keep in mind that Bradley literally wrote the book on Evernote.

Evernote is a mess as a product. The syncing is terrible, the Mac app is atrocious, and their forays into the web have been pretty poor. Yet, here we all are still using it.

Also, they’re in some trouble and are attempting to make some big moves on the team to prepare to IPO. If all of this reporting is true the product is going to continue to suffer and get more naggy from here.

I do not think Bradley is the first and I know he won’t be the last.

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