Ditched the Tracking

Nick Wynja writing on his personal blog about completely ditching any analytics:

I’m interested in seeing if anything will change with what I publish since I no longer have analytics telling me what people are clicking on. I’ve never paid too much attention to this site’s (admittedly small) traffic numbers, nor experimented much with topic or writing style to chase clicks.

I can tell you from experience, Nick, it will change what you publish. For a long time now I’ve paid no attention to analytics here on my blog and it has resulted in me feeling much better about what I publish. This is my space on the web to publish anything I please, at whatever pace I choose, and analytics needn’t hinder me from that.

Nick continues:

If anything, it might free me from the little sting of hurt when I see the downward traffic trend that comes with writing less. I have to keep in mind that number doesn’t show the amazing things I’ve experienced and achieved in my life since spending less time writing for this site and more time on other things.

Doing more away from the Internet will only provide more fuel for your blog.

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