Paddling White Oak Pond in July

Last paddling season I managed to squeeze a paddle in a few times per week. Perhaps I did this because it was new to me (last year was my first time kayaking) and I didn’t mind folding and unfolding the Oru 8 times a week.

This season I’ve gotten out a little less so as the days, weeks, and months of excellent weather peel away I start to get the itch more and more. In early July, just a day or so after returning from San Francisco, I knew immediately that I wanted to get back out and paddle.

So I grabbed the GoPro and went to White Oak Pond just before sunset.

At this point it takes me a cool seven minutes to build my Oru. That is, when I’m not fielding a bunch of questions from passersby who want to know what in the world I’m doing.

Who wears a GoPro strap on their head without a GoPro in it?

This guy, obviously.

Sunset continues to be the best time to get out and paddle.