Developers helping designers

Kylie Timpani writing on the Humaan blog:

The tricky thing, however, is that people are now finding themselves in unknown territory unsure of how exactly they should contribute. While I’m not a developer I have had conversations with developers where they have specifically pointed out that they don’t think it is their place to offer help in stages other than their own. The reasons for this range from the internal to the external — developers don’t know how to help, don’t feel “creative”, equipped or empowered enough to help or, disappointingly enough, their contributions are not welcomed by others. Especially by designers.

Read the entire post for context on the discussion around the fact that designers have been asked for years to help developers but that developers haven’t really been tasked with helping designers.

See also, if you would, my presentation from Designal Tap in March of this year which I wrote about in a post titled The pull towards design.

The two discussions… Timpani’s and my own… are not wholly connected. The former being more about including developers in the process earlier on and the latter about me being frustrated as a “developer” that can’t seem to design worth a lick.

Both topics though are really interesting.

Side note: I plan on revisiting my topic soon.