Issues with iOS 8.4.1

Until recently iOS 8 has been a fairly solid release. I had issues with iCloud syncing — as everyone has — since the beginning but overall iOS 8 - 8.4 gave me little trouble.

I do not know if updating my iOS devices (iPhone 6, iPad Air 2) to iOS 8.4.1 is the culprit but ever since updating I’ve had a horrendous time with my iOS devices. I have two main issues; App Store does not recognize updates are available for apps, iBooks will not open.

Both of these issues are very, very temporarily solved by restarting my device. So I’ve spent the last few weeks restarting my devices more frequently than I have the passed 8 years combined.

The App Store app, after a restart, will recognize that there are application updates available for my device and I can update them. However, after opening any other application the App Store will “forget” that I have these applications installed at all.

If you take a look at your App Store’s “Update” pane you’ll notice an Update button or an Open button on the applications. The Open button shows that you have the application installed at that it is currently up-to-date. My App Store app doesn’t have that button unless I restart — so I think the App Store app doesn’t even know what apps I have installed.

iBooks, on my iPad Air 2, is an app I use a lot for both reading, highlighting, and note taking. I have a few years worth of research and ebooks in there (though, the entire library is relatively small in storage). When I open iBooks I’m presented with the “startup image” for the app but then the application crashes. If I use the app switcher I can see a screenshot of the app that iOS stores for that view… but switching to it crashes the app after a few moments.

For the first few weeks with iOS 8.4.1 I’d be able to open iBooks after a restart and so long as I didn’t close it I was fine. Now, even if I leave it on, I can’t even allow the iPad to “sleep” because iBooks will crash.

For both of these issues I’ve tried several things; full restarts, syncing with iTunes, deleting a bunch of content from iBooks, deleting apps, etc. Nothing has worked. So I think I’m at the point now where I have to do a full reset of both devices and then find someway to restore the data. I have full backups of both applications on my computer but I’m worried the problem lies somewhere in that data. So I fear losing my iBooks data.

If you have any suggestions feel free to send them along.

I’ve heard very good things about iOS 9’s stability so perhaps that release will fix some of these issues as well.