Kayaking Quaker Lake and Lake Carey

Last weekend my friend Eric and I went paddling around Quaker Lake and Lake Carey; each in northeastern PA pretty close to the New York border and each equally different.

Quaker Lake is a beautifully clear glacial lake that does not allow speed boats or jet skis and has some really well kept and manicure homes and properties. I’m looking forward to bringing Eliza here at some point. In fact, I’ll be seeking out lakes that restrict the horsepower of the motors more often.

Lake Carey is the opposite of Quaker Lake… the smell of fuel is pretty prevalent and the speed-boaters and weekenders partying in the middle of the lake are rampant. Not my style so I likely won’t be back on the yak. However, if I ever want to get a cool Bud Light and chat about how much the local fishing laws stink I know right where to go.

Photos from Quaker Lake:

Photos of Lake Carey:

Thanks to Eric for showing me around.

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