I use Evernote on my desktop, tablet, and phone. I don’t particularly care for their applications* but the service and structure works well enough that I’ve been productive using them.

Jeremy Brown, a local designer and developer and frequent Coalworker, recently wrote about Alternote:

It's clean, and it's generally nice to use. What's good is great, and what's not is tolerable.* I give a lot of credit to the developer so far for undertaking what seems like an ambitious project and doing an exceptional job, especially on the interface. It seems like it's being actively developed, so I'm hopeful that what issues exist will be worked out over time.

Totally agree. I’m going to buy and use this application because I like where it is going.

* There is no perfect note taking application for everyone. Same with to-do apps. That is why there is so many of them. So while I have quite a number of quibbles with Evernote I do not blame them.