NEPA BlogCon 2015

Last year Coalwork sponsored NEPA BlogCon, which I wrote about on the Coalwork blog at the time, and this year we’re sponsoring the conference again.

From their press release:

NEPA BlogCon is designed to bring together bloggers of all experience levels, as well as those interested in marketing, social media, creativity, leadership, and branding. It’s also an excellent event for marketers, small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and students.

As the release says, the event isn’t necessarily for “bloggers” in the traditional sense — those that type away on their personal blogs about their lives, experiences, and life lessons — but it is for people who use blogs in their day-to-day job. It is more a marketing event than the name implies. However, it is the only event of its kind in our area and so we’re really happy to sponsor it and happy to see people getting together. Also, the proceeds always go to a good cause.

This year the event is happening at East Stroudsburg University and we already have our tickets. You can get yours on their site.

Side note: Last year was when I got to see Salvador Dalí in print. Hopefully this year’s venue will turn up something interesting to photograph too.


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