Jay Torres on Apple Watch

Jay Torres discusses the Apple Watch on Mark Miller’s series Watchscreen:

I now always have my phone on silent and rely on my Watch to let me know of any texts. It’s subtle so it doesn’t interrupt anything, and the haptic touch is strong enough to let me know someone has texted me.

As someone who has turned off all notifications on my phone, tablet, and computer and who always, always keeps his phone on silent this is what pulls me towards the Apple Watch the most.

That being said, I do not see myself owning an Apple Watch for several generations. I believe the Apple Watch, and any other wrist-worn-device that tracks your activity, ends up becoming the watch you wear rather than a watch you wear. And I’m not all that comfortable with that yet. I like switching up my watches.

Further, the first version hardware is far from exciting to me. It is slow, thick, and doesn’t have any telephony built-in. I would not want to belittle any of the accomplishments that Apple has made with the Apple Watch — it certainly is far better looking than any smartwatch I’ve seen — but it is far from where I think they’ll be in three years.

I think I’ll stick with traditional watches until sometime in 2018-19. I’ll point back to this blog post if I’m wrong.