Kyle Ruane on WordCamp Scranton

Kyle Ruane, on his personal blog:

It’s no secret that the more this region (Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, everywhere in-between) becomes comfortable with technology and success within that industry, the greater our ability will be to develop and keep homegrown talent as well as attract entrepreneurs from other areas. This conference was another big step in the right direction. While one of the most influential people on the web was in town to present at the conference, our collective hope is that a future one was in the audience. Attendees could learn about the tools available on the web, discover strategies for getting noticed, but maybe most importantly, see proof that it’s possible to build something that changes the world. Hopefully they were paying attention.

The fact that WordCamp ended up being pretty good is a great thing for our area. Even though it was the first WordCamp in our area it was done well and, I believe, would be attended again by the same crowd next year.

The momentum should continue to build.