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I had no idea that Maciej Cegłowski, operator of Pinboard, had a personal blog chocked full of great writing. Did you? How did I miss this?

I’m only now aware of this due to Jeremy Keith’s writing about Maciej’s Kickstarter. He’s looking to travel to Antarctica and write about the experience.

At first I thought… why can’t he fund himself? Then I saw it was a 36-day trip that is going where not too many people go.

Most Antarctic tourism is limited to voyages along the Antarctic Penninsula lasting just a few days. Only about 350 tourists a year visit the Ross Sea, an area of immense historical and natural interest reachable only from New Zealand. Due to the great expense of the trip, I’m asking for a small donation from interested readers.

Well OK then. *gets wallet out*

Thanks for sharing Jeremy.

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