Effortless publishing

Manton Reece, writing on his blog, about quick blogging workflows:

I believe there are two important facets to microblogging. The first is the timeline experience: a reverse-chronological list of posts from your friends, like you see on Twitter. The second is that posting should be effortless: if there’s less friction between your idea and publishing it, you’ll write more often. So a big part of posting regularly is just having a system that makes it easy.

Shameless plug alert… but this is something I’m working pretty hard on with the next few iterations of Barley. I’m attempting to remove as many clicks, cruft, and workarounds that people have to do to write using Barley.

Barley is an inline editing platform. If you’ve used Medium you know what this looks like. You type directly onto the page. Unlike Medium, however, Barley allows for any HTML template in the world to be used. So that comes with a world of headaches. To combat those headaches we’ve kept the feature set as small as possible while still making the platform robust enough to make great content.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been slowly digging away at the niggles that I’ve had, and our customers, have had with how the editing experience performs. You know, the way it feels versus the way it works. Barley is quicker and easier to use than ever and we’re just getting started with these updates.