Random WWDC 2015 Notes

Random notes from Apple’s WWDC Keynote today:

  • Apple Music Radio sounds exactly like Top 40 radio and that is terrible. I hope it doesn’t end up being just “radio online” because that isn’t something I want and I doubt that is something “the kids” want.
  • The updates to iOS 9, especially on iPad, are going to be a very welcome update indeed. As an every-single-day iPad user I am very much looking forward to multitasking.
  • We have a long way to go before I personally get excited about the “potential of the wrist” wearable market. I think the Apple Watch, and many other smartwatches, look like great products but… revolutionary? We’ll see.
  • The Apple News app is powered by RSS. *
  • Apple Music “Connect” is not going to work. It didn’t work when it was called Ping either. Here is why; people really enjoy using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. because their family, friends, and colleagues are on them. They check them 100 times a day. Oh, and to top it off they can follow famous people — including musical artists — on the same network/app. They don’t need to open a different app to see what Drake posted. They can see that in the same app they already have open. Apple pitched this as a unified way to see what artists are posting but in reality they just added yet another place to check. However, if they had pitched it as a way for brand-new artists to get in front of every Apple Music user; curated by their favorite artists. Now that would be something.
  • The OS X updates seemed very, very light. I loved the Safari updates as it is my default browser. I think this is a good thing… I’m hoping most of the updates are non-cosmetic and simply make El Capitan sing.
  • Apple Pay adding Square support (really great) and now being called Wallet is great. The more capabilities Apple Wallet gets the more people will be able to use it and truly end up ditching all of the cards we all have. And this time we’re getting something far more secure. It is good all around.
  • Swift being open sourced is huge news for the developer market. I’m positive Swift will grow and improve rapidly outside of Apple’s walls and this will, in turn, mean Apple’s app ecosystem will be even stronger. I can see it now; Swift for Rails, SwiftJS, etc.
  • The watchOS updates are pretty great considering the amount of time Apple has had since they debuted the watch. They are moving at a lightning pace.

Now, a few notes about the presentation:

  • Great to see new faces from Apple
  • Hair Force One, as always, stole the show
  • The videos were very well done, as per usual
  • However, this was my least favorite Keynote in recent memory. It felt really forced, it wasn’t smooth at all, every single person on stage seemed under practiced — except Craig — and the Music portion of the event felt completely out of place at WWDC. I think Apple should have held a media event just prior to WWDC to announce Music (since it isn’t coming until June 30). This way the implications of the developer related announcements could be expounded on.
  • Some of the newbies on stage seemed very nervous, however, I remember Craig’s first appearance on stage; the guy could hardly use a mouse, and now he’s my favorite. So here is hoping that Apple has the same crew next time around and they all improve.

Overall, good software updates are coming our way for free. No reason to complain about any of that. We’ll just sit back and enjoy what developers work so hard to bring us every day.

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