Panoselfie hooplah

A little over a week ago I wrote:

They aren’t new. You can find them if you dig. But they aren’t “a thing” and I think they should be.

I was talking about panoselfies. Well, we’re getting somewhere with this new way of taking a selfie and I’m glad to report a few bits of the hooplah here.

So, if you poke around on Twitter you’ll see that several “news” sites are picking up on them in several different languages. It is nice to see panoselfies make their way around the globe.

A few observations:

  • Nearly everyone tries to take them by rotating their arms when really you should to keep everything still accept the phone
  • I was hoping that most of these would end up on Flickr but alas, Twitter seems to be the best place for them
  • There is a bunch of spam from the apps that say they are panoselfie apps. But you don’t need one of those
  • One of my favorite panoselfies is this one

I’m looking forward to seeing the first celebrity panoselfie.