Thoughts on Apple’s Spring Forward Event

I’m going to follow MacSparky’s lead here and provide a laundry list of thoughts now that what happened yesterday has sunk in a little.

While reading this keep the following things in mind; I own a 2012-era 13” MBPr, an iPhone 6, and an iPad Air 2. I love all of these devices and the only thing I’d change is giving my MacBook Pro an additional few terabytes.

  • I think ResearchKit shows how mature a company Apple really is. Some companies drive so hard to sell more devices that they don’t know what to do with that power when they get there. Apple clearly understands they are in a unique position to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. And this is just one way in which they are in an excellent position to do so. I hope other companies follow suit.
  • The new MacBook appears to be a marvel in engineering. But, if I’m being honest, I’m sick of marvels of engineering simply for the sake of miniaturization. I would take my exact same size MacBook Pro with far more battery life and storage capacity and RAM. I don’t need thinner, I need better, faster, more. We haven’t seen a leap in processing power on notebook sized computers in far too long.
  • The MacBook’s single port is fine with me. About 98% of my computer usage is at work while attached to my Apple Display via Thunderbolt. This affords more ports on the back of the display. But people that are mobile most of the time are likely not going to be tickled with yet another dongle.
  • The Apple TV’s price being lowered to $69 should sell a lot of Apple TVs. I think yesterday was the time the Apple TV went from hobby to product for Apple and I believe we’ll be seeing a big, big update to this within 12 months.
  • I’m not an HBO subscriber nor do I intend to be. However, this surely is the beginning of the end of the strangle hold that cable providers have over any of us getting any content we want whenever we want. I’d like every major network to do what HBO just did. And the NFL too.
  • We learned a bit more about the Apple Watch yesterday but not as much as I would have liked. We all knew we’d hear the pricing tiers, the release date, etc. but I really wanted to see more demos than they presented. Taking photos, getting directions, etc. So I’m looking forward to wearing one in the store. I may buy one for Plain so we can be prepared for when our clients ask for apps on the Watch… but I’m unsure I’d want one for me personally at this point. Perhaps the next generation will be more compelling to me.
  • I read some complaints on Twitter yesterday about how Apple was “using Africa” to sell $17,000 Watches. I do not believe they were but of course I don’t like the symbolism. I’m sure Apple thought they were helping more than harming by shedding light both on Africa and Christy Turlington Burns’ foundation; Every Mother Counts. Just as interesting to me… there is now “a blog” on
  • I think “the new guard” at Apple is getting more and more comfortable on stage and yesterday really showed that. I wish we saw Angela though even if for a 2 minute update on Retail. But I’m sure we’ll see her in the future.
  • Lastly, I think it is pretty obvious that the Watch is a whole new type of product for Apple. Going from one you carry to one you wear. It is an interesting distinction and one that is really tough to get right. Imagine if your refrigerator company decided to make sneakers. You’d be skeptical if they could pull it off. Apple’s brand made it such that no one questioned whether or not Apple could make a Watch people would want to wear. Now the question will be… will they stop with the wrist?