MacSparky on Word 2016

Last night I quipped, on Twitter (I know, I know): 

Office for Mac 2016 Preview. AKA Toolbars McGee.

The screenshots of this Office for Mac 2016 preview that have been floating around are laughable. But David Sparks (MacSparky) brings me back to Earth:

I think complaining about the menus in office and the massive number of features is pointless. Office exists to satisfy IT checklists and every obscure feature has its group of advocates out there … somewhere. Put simply, Microsoft Word is going to be big and ponderous just like the scorpion will always sting the frog.

Office has never been for me. It does way too much. Even Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are generally overkill (though great applications). I actually enjoy using Google Drive applications like Sheets, Slides, and Docs.