Wednesday Scrapple 4

Scrapple 3.

A shorter scrapple post today. Not sure why but perhaps I’m too busy to be thinking of little nuggets of scrapple lately.

  • I find myself using the default Twitter clients. Partly because they’ve put a chokehold on what developers are able to do with their APIs. You win Twitter. For now.
  • Things work more often than they don’t. Which is why when things do not work it seems to hurt so much more. If they rarely worked we’d expect it. So we should stop complaining so much because generally things work just fine.
  • When I was younger the adults made fun of us kids for “chatting online”. Little did they know they’d all be doing it 20 years later. These days it is called iMessage, Facebook, Instagram. There is very little difference. But now it is mainstream.

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