Enrique Dans on RSS

Enrique Dans, in a bit on Medium about Feedly, on RSS:

I simply cannot understand why RSS readers are not used by everybody. I think that any user, from the professional to the casual, can benefit from having a series of information sources, pages, and alerts set up in an orderly manner in a feeds reader. Each time I explain the concept to a class, my students seem very interested, but I then notice that they very few of them bother to adopt the habit.

I’m with you Enrique. Every single person should take advantage of RSS. And many do without knowing it. Flipboard, Facebook Paper, and so much more use RSS under-the-hood and people have no idea.

I use, and pay for, Feedly. It isn’t the best reader I’ve ever used however it is getting better all the time. And the premium features are worth paying for.

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