The names of Apple products

So, Apple may be looking into building a car. With approaching 200 billion in cash, and yesterday CEO Tim Cook saying that their biggest asset is innovation, and that they plan to continue to invest very heavily into R&D, I would say you can bet that Apple is “looking into” a wide variety of possibilities.

Some may think that Apple will never build a car or a TV or a this or a that. Never say never about anything. To build Apple’s foremost products; iPhone, iPad, Macintoshes, and now their “spaceship” campus — they need to be able to manufacturer some pretty amazing and off-the-wall things on their own already. And they do amazingly well at it.

Apple makes their own CPUs, displays, batteries. With a partner they are building an enormous solar power plant. They’ve built huge data centers and are building a new data-center from their now defunct sapphire plant. Sapphire plant!

So, never say never. Let’s say they do build a car. What would they call it? What should they call it? What should they call any new thing they make? It seems to me that Apple should consider a much more simple naming convention for their products. They’ve always been better at naming things than their competitors, but I think they could do better still. They are arguably the most well-known brand and the richest company in the world. They can afford to use simple names.

They are already thinking this way, presumably, with Apple Watch.

Also, as an example, a new iTunes that is forthcoming which combines their recently acquired Beats services into the mix; why not simply call it Apple Music? A lot of people dislike iTunes these days. May be a good opportunity to have a clean slate.

Imagine the following names for current and future Apple products, software, and services:

  • Apple Phone

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