Wednesday Scrapple 3

The last two scrapples were on Tuesday; you can find them here and here.

  • I’m finally getting the hang of Evernote. The key, for me at least, is managing multiple notebooks. It’d be nice if I could password protect a notebook. A way to have a notebook be a bit extra secure.
  • Holding the original iPhone in my hand makes me realize that I’d prefer a much smaller phone than the iPhone 6 I have.
  • Mexico didn’t feel nearly as dangerous or scammy as I was told by so many before we left. In fact, it was pleasantly safe, clean, and the people were nice.
  • Being cut off from communication for an entire week really helps you gauge the importance of each type of communication you employ.
  • I need to learn more Spanish. Mucho más.
  • We’ve reached the point where there are more “to do” applications than there are people on the planet.
  • I think Facebook Paper needs to be marketed by Facebook more.
  • The “blizzard” in NYC had us worried that we wouldn’t get back into the US when we had scheduled to. But, I think what ended up happening underscores that the best handle meteorologists have on the weather is only a few hours before it actually happens. They have an incredibly tough job and are only as good as the software/services they can afford that crunches the numbers for them.
  • Origins for things are important. Too many people simply do not care of what they say — even if the origins of what they are saying they would likely not agree with or want to promote. A few really small examples; deuce (see second definition), the word panic, Christmas.

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