Amazon Echo, err, Alexa

Amazon has this new tube-thing you can talk to called Echo. You can ask it questions by simply talking out loud. Similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Google’s OK Google features.

I find the entire thing odd – though, perhaps as a first step beta thing it’ll be OK – but I found it most odd that the product is named Echo and you call it Alexa.

Dan Moren on Six Colors:

I’ve seen other people wonder if you can change its wake word from “Alexa.” If not, families with an Alexa in them are going to be pretty annoyed. Plus, if I can’t address it as “Computer” or “Jarvis,” I’ll be sorely disappointed.

I suppose the same could be said for families with people named Siri or Cortana. Siri, the name, is currently at an all-time high of popularity. Cortana, the name, is gaining ground quickly. I hope no one has any family members named Google. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Alexa, the name – on the other hand, is very popular and used for both sexes. So is Echo, believe it or not.

Moren can take Jarvis. I’d prefer HAL.