Podcasting is the next big thing

Fred Wilson:

As is often the case, a simple little thing turns out to be the big thing. That little thing is that almost every car that has been sold in the past five years has had bluetooth connectivity to the car audio system. These days your phone is connected wirelessly to your car the minute you open the door and get in it. That’s a powerful thing. The phone has become the portal to the car audio system. And so if you can get podcasts on your phone, which is trivial these days, you can listen to them on the way to work or your way home.

Although I’ve listened to podcasts on-and-off since Adam Curry and Dave Winer collaborated on RSS enclosures — I’ve now begun listening to them far more than the radio or even streaming music in the car.

Here are a few that I listen to. Add to this list the incredible Serial podcast now.