How Apple Pay works

Kirk Lennon:

One of the objections I’ve seen to Apple Pay is “How is it faster/easier than just sliding my card?” The truth is, it isn’t always. It’s rarely going to take longer than sliding a card, but it’s not always going to be radically faster either. However, it is much, much more secure. Merchants simply can’t be trusted with your card number, and the only real solution is to never give it to them. Apple Pay solves that, and it does so in a way that embraces industry standards and is easy and maybe even a little bit fun.

I copied the same bit as Gruber did on Daring Fireball, where I first saw a link to Lennon’s post.

If there is any reason to promote Apple Pay, beyond the fact that it is pretty easy and will someday help to eliminate the need for some of the stuff in our wallets, is that it is about a million times more secure than using a credit card. Infinitely. Perhaps.

Tell your moms.