Don’t blame Powerpoint

Powerpoint is pretty terrible. The reason why many of us think so is because it is misused by so many. You can’t blame the tool, says Wayne Barz:

Many have wished for and striven for the death of the powerpoint presentation. I have always disagreed with this point of view. There is no doubt that most power point decks are terrible and yes, should be killed. However, it isn’t “Power Point” that is the problem, it’s the author!

He offers some tips in addition to a template you can download. But he urges you to read the tips – since they are more important than the template itself.

Lots of founders have asked me over the years to create a template for an effective investor power point. And, having yet again sat through one of the worst I’ve ever seen last week, I decided it was time to finally do it. However…do not just rush off to the attached template! Take a quick look at some of my recommendations below first…and then rush off to the attached template. I even stuck the link to the template AT THE BOTTOM of the page so you have to at least skim through the recommendations first!

Read first. Then download. Got it.

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