Five ways to learn more about wine

Wine Library:

Without fail, one of the greatest ‘hands-on’ approaches to learning about wine, spirits (or brews for that matter), is to coordinate a guided tour while enjoying the spoils that come with “vacation”. Actual vineyard growers, winemakers, and owners will more quickly and pointedly debunk myths and elucidate the most important facts about your beverage of choice than 3 months in a classroom, period.

The way Eliza and I ended up learning about wine was first by visiting local wineries for free tastings. This was super helpful because it

  • helped us to learn the types of wines we liked, and don’t like, for free
  • gave us background on what we were drinking because people at these wineries often knew the process behind the wine
  • we were able to ask stupid questions without feeling stupid for asking them
  • were able to buy after trying, again for free

Good tips from Wine Library.

/via my friend Gary (whose family owns Wine Library)