Every Project is an Opportunity

Last night I was reading Empire Magazine’s awesome piece with the cast of The West Wing (my favorite TV show of all time). I caught this nugget from Bradley Whitford:

Early on in my career I got a part in Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise. If I hadn‘t done that I wouldn‘t have met Tim Busfield and if I hadn‘t met Tim Busfield, I wouldn‘t have met Aaron. So Nerds II took me straight to the White House!

This is precisely how we feel about some of the projects we’ve worked on at Plain. So that spurred me to write a piece for Plain Text:

We see these types of projects as opportunities. If we can help a client meet an incredibly tight deadline, how more likely are they to ask us to help them with something in the future? They know they can rely on us. The company with 5% of the budget they should have? They may refer us to someone we would have never had access to otherwise, etc.

Man I love West Wing.