Why iOS 8 adoption rate is flattening

People aren’t updating to iOS 8 as quickly as was first thought. The main reason? Free space on the device.

John Gruber:

It’s all about the over-the-air update requiring 5 GB of free storage space, and many people not having that much free space, and not knowing how or simply not wanting to deal with it.

It took me a few hours to properly clean up my iPhone 5s to make enough room to update. It took an equal amount of time for me to free up space for Eliza to update. Very frustrating.

What’s more is Apple’s weirdness about connecting my iPhone to a new computer. I no longer use the computer I had when I bought my iPhone 5s but so I cannot update using my new Macbook Pro. When I connect it to the new MBP the only option I’m given in iTunes is to wipe the phone. Why can’t I simply type in my passcode or use my finger to show that I really would like to connect my iPhone 5s to this new computer?

I’m constantly in awe of how amazing the devices we all own are and, at the same time, baffled by how difficult they can sometimes be to use.

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