Improved Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown videos

Simon Willis, reporting that new, refreshed downloads are now available for the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown videos:

Firstly, I went back to the source file and used improved compression software to produce higher quality downloads at a faster bit-rate.
Secondly, each film is now an .mp4 file (rather than .mov) and, at customers‘ request, each has chapters built in so it‘s much easier to navigate around the movie. You‘ll also find artwork embedded into the file.

This is equivalent to a software update to one of your favorite iOS apps stating: “Bug fixes and improvements”. A seemingly simple update, often with great results. And it is very welcomed to see this sort of thing. The product hasn’t changed but it has gotten better. It has been improved because it could have been improved.

Imagine if the music and/or music industries were to do something like this? If, one day, you woke up and your DVDs were turned into Blu-rays (technical impossibility, I know) or your MP3s were re-encoded at a much higher bit rate for you.

Good on ya Simon.