Ello deleted

I went from bullish to puzzled, back to bullish, and now downright miffed by the messaging roller coaster that Ello is on.

I think we all want to see someone, anyone, make great things. You know my stance on these things. I say, applaud people that make things. Making things is hard and people won’t get it right much of the time. But I’m so happy that people try.

However, the Ello team is not taking this seriously enough. They (unwittingly or otherwise) lied. And now are using commentary via the tech media to try to say that people’s fears are “sillly” and that they have “NO exit strategy” while their investors say they have “long exit horizons”.

I’m guessing that if this goes on too much longer that the investors will meet with the team — regardless of their respective positions on the cap table — and ask what in the world is going on. Both teams are saying different things.

I posted to Ello saying that I’d like to support their team. One of the comments back were links to this article on Beta Beat and this one on the great Giga Om. If you read these two articles and aren’t even more unsure of Ello’s future I’d be surprised.

So, I’ve deleted my Ello account.