Not an iPad nano

Jason Snell, on his still smells-like-a-new-car blog Six Colors regarding whether or not the iPhone 6 Plus is like a small iPad:

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 Plus on Sept. 9, I entertained the idea that it might be a replacement for my iPad mini. At last, the promise of a single device small enough to fit in my pocket, but big enough to satisfy my productivity needs.
Then I used the iPhone 6 Plus. And while it will have its fans—in fact, I’ll wager that the iPhone 6 Plus will have rabid fans—it’s just not for me, because I wasn’t seeking a bigger iPhone. I was seeking an iPad nano, and that’s not something the iPhone 6 Plus is willing to be.

Since upgrading my iPad 2 (which I love and use daily) to iOS 8 it is a dog. In fact, I’m thinking of downgrading it to iOS 7. Supposedly Apple will be releasing new iPads in October. I’m going to wait until then to make my final decision — but, like Snell, I was hoping the iPhone 6 Plus would give me exactly what he described; one device to fit them all.

But perhaps the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t the device to do it.