It feels good when people say nice things about your hard work

When people are willing to talk or write about your product it is a good thing. It doesn’t matter if what they write is positive or negative — if they write negatively you can fix the issues they mention and if they write positively you can sit back and smile.

This morning I walked into work and read this post from Pete Ashton about our Barley for WordPress plugin:

I think I’m writing more because of Barley, or at least differently. Writing in the text editor box feels divorced from the end result – you need to make a decision to hit that publish button. With Barley, even though it’s not published it looks published. It feels final, closer to ink on a page than markup code feels.

Though Ashton mentions a few kinks that need to be ironed out with the plugin (which if he’s reading this can no doubt be fixed if he emails support) I’m certainly glad our hard work has had a positive impact on his writing.

Then this (from a bit ago), from Internet-veteran and creator of Metafilter Matt Haughey in a post titled Barley is the bomb:

It greatly reduces the friction of having to go to your WP admin area, find the link to make a new post, then fill out the forms (which totally sounds like work and not play) to make a post. Instead, you just hit a button to make a new post, then start typing in your blog, in your browser.

Smiles all around. Today is going to be good.

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