Pinboard turns 5

Pinboard, the excellent bookmarking service, recently turned five. Here is Maciej Cegłowski on the Pinboard blog:

Now back to some beard-stroking: 
I see my role much like a small-town praire banker in the 1880‘s. My job is to project an aura of calm, solvency, and permanence in an industry where none of those adjectives applies. People are justifiably risk-averse when it comes to their bookmarks, and they are looking for stability.

What a great service Pinboard has been these last five years. I’m a paying customer and I recommend that you consider being one too.

Many have asked how I use Pinboard and Unmark. I see Pinboard as a place for me to store bookmarks not use bookmarks. Bookmarks that I’ve put into Pinboard are easier to find later on than they are to find in Unmark. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong or whatever but that’s how I use it. (More on how I use Unmark here)