Aperture shut

Jim Dalrymple, on The Loop:

Apple introduced a new Photos app during its Worldwide Developers Conference that will become the new platform for the company. As part of the transition, Apple told me today that they will no longer be developing its professional photography application, Aperture.

I have a hard time caring anymore. Photo storage, categorization, etc. are pretty much broken for today’s consumer. Yes, I can go out and buy a massive amount of storage and use something like Aperture/Lightroom to keep everything straight — but it is still tedious and expensive. My expectations are at an all-time low.

Out of the box Macintoshes do not come with near enough storage to back up even a slightly trigger happy cat owner’s iPhone photos. Regardless of the software.

Marco Arment:

Apple discontinuing a mediocre, neglected, poorly competing pro app to focus on a much better consumer app is a clear win for everyone.

I agree. Aperture was great but was quickly falling behind Lightroom. But a pro app isn’t something all of us need. We simply need to A) be able to store all of our photos and B) be able to find them again. Maybe new software will help with B but something has to change to help with A.

I hope Photos for iOS and Photos for OS X helps do exactly that. But I’m not holding my breathe. I think we’ll be in the age of deletion (wherein people have to delete much of what they photograph or record) for at least another five years.

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