Tom Taylor, the maker of Satellite Eyes (among other things), has been working on a way for people to receive print versions of the things they’d like to read online. It is called PaperLater.

He writes:

PaperLater lets you save the good bits of the web to print, so you can enjoy them away from the screen. If you’ve used something like Instapaper, Pocket or Readability before, it’s a bit like that, but in print.

Or Unmark, Tom, but who’s counting?

The Verge has a great piece on PaperLater today.

Each newspaper comes neatly formatted with an Andy Gilmore-esque front cover, complete with a note on the number of articles, word count, and a whimsical fact on the rarest words included.

I find this service intriguing. I can only think of two instances where I might want to use this service — 1) while I’m on vacation and, 2) if there was an article I’d want to frame like one about Barley or Unmark or our business in a publication.