Google’s New Self-Driving Car

Google recently introduced a new self-driving car at Code Conference. This was slightly different than their previous self-driving cars in that they manufactured the entire car as well as the system that drives it.

Liz Gannes, at Re/Code:

The car — which was conceived and designed by Google, unlike the ones it previously modified — lacks many of the trappings of a normal car, and that includes the three essentials: A steering wheel, an accelerator and a brake pedal.

Watch the video over on Re/Code.

I saw a few on Twitter (that shall remain nameless) liken Google’s Glass project to these self-driving cars stating that it shows how out of touch Google is with what we all really want.

I think that’s crazy-talk. Google Glass is in-and-of-itself a worthy project to work on, however, I can see why people have their reservations about it. Glass has the potential to be incredibly evasive on one’s privacy if it were on the wrong head. These self-driving cars, however? I simply do not see a downside if they perform well.

Glass can be taking a photo of you in a public restroom and have it on the web before you wash your hands. Self-driving cars can drive you to the hospital even if you’re incapable of doing so yourself. Glass can make it even easier for your friends to pay no attention to you at dinner. Self-driving cars can drive your friend home who has had too much to drink. And, as shown in the video, self-driving cars would be a life changing product for those with impaired vision.

As someone who drives hundreds of miles a week; I would love a self-driving car. Glass? Neat. But I know I could live without it.