VelocityPage for WordPress

One of the most common misconceptions about Barley is that it helps you with page layout in some way. It does not. You can’t change anything about a page’s layout using Barley CMS, our editor, or our Barley for WordPress plugin.

Barley is specifically designed to help you edit the content of a web page. The text, images, video. It is the easiest way to add content to a web site directly inline so that you know exactly how your site will look. And the many, many people that use it agree.

VelocityPage, however, is precisely what many people have asked us for. I’m really glad it exists now and while it is “limited” to WordPress this should make, oh, say 21% of the web very happy to see. VelocityPage allows you to change the layout of your WordPress-powered site’s pages from two column to three, add forms, move images around, etc.

To Mark, Jon, and Bill (the VelocityPage team) I want to say that the fact that it works with so many WordPress themes is really remarkable. Job well done fellas. We know how hard this was to accomplish.

Great, great plugin.

And people are already combining it with Barley for WordPress’s inline content editing features to make what must be an incredible WordPress experience.