Brett Terpstra goes indie

No one can say his name correctly, but Brett Terpstra has pumped out a slew of amazing projects over the years — most of which were offered for free.

Brett has decided to part ways with Aol Tech and strike out on his own. Now is the time to open your wallet and show your appreciation for any or all of the things he’s made available and supported for free for so long.

Monday will be the start of increased focus on existing projects and attention to new ideas that have been bubbling up. I’ll be writing, including finishing my tagging book and working on the children’s book. I’ll be developing Marked (starting with the App Store version) and adding a couple of smaller apps to the App Store list. I’ll continue blogging, which brings me to a final request.

Turn your pockets inside out people. I’ll be chipping in for my heavy usage of nvAlt alone.

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