Writing it down

Brian Doll, on his personal blog:

Today, while technology has seeped into every cranny of our personal and professional lives, when a thought comes to me, when I want to remember something now, when I need to draw that sketch of an idea, or make yet another list of lists, writing it down in a Field Notes notebook is essential to how I get shit done. It’s not a planner, it’s not a todo list, it’s not the sacred keeping place of everything. It’s a simple tool that captures the ephemera of life and work, freezing ideas in place, for just a little while.

I keep some notebooks. I constantly struggle between the desire for the feel and texture of a notebook and the search-ability and share-ability of using something like Simplenote.

I think Doll strikes a good balance by using what he’s written down in his notebooks and putting them into digital form when necessary. I need to find that balance too.