Inspecting view hierarchies of iOS apps

This is far too geeky and cool not to link to. Peter Steinberger has cleverly used an iOS 7 jailbreak loophole to see the view hierarchies of other iOS applications. He explains why:

Why? Because it’s fun, and it can inspire you to solve things differently. Studying the view hierarchy of complex apps can be quite revealing and it’s interesting to see how others are solving similar problems.

The way iOS applications use views has always been a bit of a sport among developers. The way iOS eats memory on a mobile device is very important and views can eat that memory quickly. So there is always a bit of magic going on to pull off certain features and animation in an application. I’m not an iOS developer but I’ve always kept my ear to the ground on how some of the best applications do these sorts of things because I like seeing that magic.

The results are pretty great.

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