The Death of the Blog, Again, Again

I love that this topic is being discussed on blogs.

John Scalzi wrote a really, really great post in response to Jason Kottke’s "The blog is dead" piece. He makes a particularly great point that one doesn’t only have a blog now but that we all have some combination of other platforms that we meet the people on.

What’s more important now, in the middle part of the second decade of the twenty-first century, appears to be an aggregate presence online — the ability to speak (or at least to be seen) across a number of online platforms.

I highly recommend reading Scalzi’s post. Also, I’m now subscribed to his wonderful blog.

What is my platform combination? Though, like Scalzi, I have an account on just about every service I’m active here on my blog, on Twitter, Instagram, and

In case you missed it (see what I did there?), you can read my response to Kottke’s piece which I decided to title The blog isn’t dead. It is just sleeping.

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