Katie cancelled

I've never seen a single episode of Katie Couric's daytime show Katie. And I don't know why I'm posting about this at all. But I found it intriguing that less than a month ago Yahoo! CEO Marisa Mayer wrote:

In addition to being the face of Yahoo News and shooting features for our homepage, Katie will continue to host her syndicated daytime talk show, Katie.

And then, this, in a join statement from ABC:

While production will continue on Katie through June 2014, we’ve mutually agreed that there will not be a third season of the show.

So, that didn't take long. I think what strikes me most about this news is that daytime shows are incredibly lucrative when they're a hit. Oprah, Rosie O'Donnell, and Ellen have made and generated fortunes with their shows. So to cancel something like this is a huge, huge deal. And to not know they were going to do this one month ago and to do it now shows that there was a big breakdown in the last month. Did Couric even tell ABC about the Yahoo! deal?

Who knows. Who cares. Why did I write this?